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Dispensational Charts

  Do you like our chart above? It is an illustration of the Dispensational Premillennial view of what Dr. Renald Showers calls the "philosophy of history." Click here for a full screen, printable version. (For an illustration of the confused and pointless Covenant Amillennial "philosophy of history," click here.) This and our other charts are all available for you to use in your own personal study, classroom study at church, and etc. Please visit our chart gallery to see the drawings we have available for you.

  So, just what are "Covenant Amillennialism" and "Dispensational Premillennialism"? They are two differing systems of Scriptural exposition which attempt, basically, to outline and understand the transition which took place from Old Covenant Judaism to Christianity, about AD 30. After the Reformation, a noticeable vacuum existed in Scriptural exposition--a systematic presentation of God's entire purpose and plan we see unfolding as our "history." These two systems arose as independent efforts at filling this need. Basically, they are the two systems which have arisen which attempt to unite all Bible doctrine into a complete and clear whole.
  The two systems have differences which will always be, in spite of efforts by some to blend the two. Those attempts always end in a confused position. It must be one of these two which is correct, and it cannot be that both are correct. Covenant Amillennialism suggests the transition indicates the Church is New Covenant Israel and the present time is the fulfillment of Bible prophecy about Messiah's Kingdom. Dispensational Premillennialists believe the transition was from Old Covenant Judaism to a previously undisclosed dispensation in God's plan, the "dispensation of the Mystery" (Ephesians 3:9), and the Church is a special new peoples in God's plan who will share in the promised blessings when the Lord returns (Galatians 3:29).
  This website will provide resources supporting Dispensational Premillennial Theology, and will provide resources pertaining to what we feel are weaknesses of the opposing view.
Click here to read more about differences between the two views.

Beware Humpty Dumpty!

Watch out for Humpty Dumpty!

  He'll try to tell you words have special meanings they do not, and he'll throw a hissy fit if you disagree with his misuse of the nature and purpose of language.
  Enemies of the Bible claim that the Jewish Messiah will not fulfill the Scriptural Covenants to the nation Israel. They say 'Yes we do,' but it ends up a strange wisp of a thought in the heavenlies, and no real existence right here upon this Earth which is so obviously the whole point of the Bible to begin with. Click Humpty's ugly mug to the left to read more.

We Believe in Salvation by Grace through Faith

  Sadly, many in the so-called "Reformed churches" no longer hold this precious doctrine. They claim "I deny 'cheap grace'" but end up "working" to try and "earn" or "prove" something, just like the cultists. Jesus Christ is "our Lord and Savior" (2 Peter 3:18). For a simple explanation of Christ's role as Savior, click here.

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Dispensational Time-frame Principle

Dr. Chafer on Covenant Theology

Lewis Sperry Chafer

A List of Commonly Wrested Scriptures
  Commonly wrested Scriptures. Don't be "Humpty Dumptied" by an isolated and strange passage which will be used to overturn central Scriptural themes running throughout the whole Bible. Cults do just that... and Covenant Amillennialism does it just as well (so-called "orthodox Christians" they are, denying a central Scriptural teaching pertaining to the Person of Messiah.) This list will be expanded over time. If you have any verses you would like to see added, or further explanation needed on a passage, just use the "contact us" button to your left.

George N.H. Peters   I cannot emphasize enough how important a work is The Theocratic Kingdom by George N.H. Peters. Links to all three volumes are found at the top right area of the screen. I highly recommend you read this book! Read it, please. Every premillennialist should read this book to strengthen and affirm the obvious Scriptural and historical faith which they hold. I challenge all amillennialists to read this book and answer it. If amillennialists have not read this book, they have no business trying to teach other people about the Kingdom of God. They have no clue as to what they're talking about, and this book demonstrates this fact extensively and absolutely convincingly. Nobody can continue in the apostasy of amillennialism after studying this book and attempting an answer, at least in one's own mind, to the challenge set forth right here--in writing--in front of the amillennialists to read and weep. I challenge you, arrogant followers of men in the "Reformed" Tradition. Take up the challenge!

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Yes, there is a rhyme and reason behind the design and color scheme of our website and logo. Click here to read about it.

The 2nd hole in the Holy Bible
 There are two holes in the Holy Bible, not one. The first we know to be true simply by the flow, and "paused" nature of Israel's prophetically outlined destiny. To this add the Apostle Paul, the key revelator of the nature and purpose of this era he fondly calls God's Mystery.
  There is, however, reason to believe another gap exists in the Holy Bible, but this one kept entirely from us and so we know nothing, really, of what happened during the time. A vagarity in the opening of Genesis, even resembling somewhat the awkward Daniel 9:26 in the midst of the flow of Daniel 9:24-27. The opening of Genesis has been discussed by many scholars and general sentiment affirms this feature in the text, and Dispensational Premillennialists have a readily available systematic to make sense of just that. Click to the right to read some of my thoughts on this controversial Old Earth Creationist position.

Disclaimer: The Use of Source Material on Our Site:  Our site contains a wide variety of materials which come from non-dispensational, and sometimes non-Christian sources. This is true especially of the video content we link here. The Staff at dispensationalfriends.org rarely, if ever agrees 100% right down the line with the off-site material linked or referenced here, but makes the material available because of certain facts or details which we feel do pertain to the subject at hand and may be helpful aid in study.

    As you can probably tell, this site is a work in progress. So please be patient with us as we slowly build this site into everything it was meant to be. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact the webmaster via the Feedback button to the left of your screen. Thank you, and God bless you in your study of His word and your walk in the Spirit.

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The Theocratic Kingdom by George N.H. Peters

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